Mercy Hill

Our Story

Church was never designed to be a collection of all the pretty people.

It was never meant to be a club, exclusive in ways that are subtle enough to where we feel like we’re open, but loud enough to where those on the margins do not feel welcome.

The message was never supposed to be, “Come and be like us.”

It was never supposed to be “Come join us and get your act together.”

Walking with Jesus is supposed to be about something so much richer and deeper than “sin management,” or “success,” or “togetherness.”

A wise man once said our own personal spirituality is pretty messy. Why do we gather in churches and pretend its not?

Mercy Hill is being built with a belief that God is doing something new in His church… that He is gathering people who desire daily  intimacy with God more than pretty buildings, who desire receiving and offering mercy more than they desire dazzling worship shows and sermon illustrations… and who believe that experiencing Him has very little to do with those things.

Mercy Hill is being built on a belief that God is doing something old in His church… that Jesus has called and is calling the broken to Him. And that even today just like history has shown us, the aesthetics of church – whether image, or gimmicks, or self-made plans… get in the way.

We refuse to get in the way.

We desire spiritual intimacy with Christ, we desire honesty with ourselves, God and each other… we insist on wielding grace in the way that we “do church” and the way we love one another… and we are learning to thirst for the daily discovery of what it means to walk “in God’s Spirit.”

We desire to be a church where intimacy, honesty, authenticity, mercy, love and action pour into and out from the lives of those who so desperately need Jesus.

Sunday Gatherings

We meet the first three Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at Innovation Pavilion, 9200 E Mineral Ave, Centennial. For fourth & fifth Sunday information click here

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