Mercy Hill


Staats-Wedding-IMG_thumbSuzanne Faribault – Connections

Every church needs someone who fulfills the administrative tasks consistently, keeping our heads on straight and the staff, leadership team, attenders, supporters, and visitors connected and informed.  “Connections” is a great title for Suzanne because it accurately describes her role at Mercy Hill (and leaves us room to sneak other stuff in there!) Besides being a natural organizer and a person who notices the details, she loves seeing people come together in all the ways God authors.

Don’t hesitate to contact her with any Mercy Hill questions, would like periodic church updates, or just want to get together for a Chai!

Chad Olivier – Care

There’s truly something fishy going on with this guy. No, seriously, Chad loves God and dreams for MHC to be a place of safety and hope to every demographic, everyone who walks through the door. He’s committed to people never being left at the margins of a church… and when he’s not at MHC, you can find Chad building the Staples Center, hospitals, ski resorts, and screaming from atop of kids’ rides at Harry Potter World.


Jim Lane – Pastor

Jim is the founding pastor of Mercy Hill and believes deeply that God has called him to be one of the most human but hopeful pastors you’ll ever meet. He wants everyone to find the transformation God offers to people, no matter who they are or have been. He is against the accidental pedestals that we place our leaders on, because we are all broken folks who have been given a wild amount of grace. He has four fantastic kids with his ridiculously patient wife Sara, and loves a nice aged gouda. With wheat crackers (with plenty of gluten).

Keep up with Jim on his blog

Sunday Gatherings

We meet the first three Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at Innovation Pavilion, 9200 E Mineral Ave, Centennial. For fourth & fifth Sunday information click here

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