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You are not out of reach.

You have not fallen too far.

It is not too late, and you are not a loser. Your choices have not undone your future, they have certainly not defined and determined your identity, and they will never outreach or outlast grace.

You are not a failure.

You do not need that person to like you in order for you to be okay… you don’t need them to like how you look, how you think, what you talk about, or how you look when you talk about what you think. Get it?

You do not need to be viewed as older or younger, wiser or smarter than you already are. You do not need the approval of others.

Your lasting worth is not determined by the number of good choices you’ve made. This makes some people cringe, but it’s Truth. Note the capital T.

You are not chained to your frailties. They do not mean anything other than you are human, and this is not a bad thing.

You are not defined by how different or weak or strong or pretty or imperfect or pimply or skinny or unkempt or organized or disorganized you are. You are not defined by any of these things.

You are not, have not been and can never be made whole by the things you own.

If you have ever believed this, it was a lie.

You aren’t completed by your list of accomplishments, you are not going to ever be filled by the title on your door, desk or business card. And in the grand and very Large (note the capital) scheme of things, it will not have mattered that you got that B when you really wanted that A.

Not that it wasn’t great. But like failure, nailing it doesn’t make you who you are either.

And no… he or she or they were not ‘right’ about you.

And your worth did not decrease when you made that mistake. Let the pain be enough to move you to a new tomorrow.

And speaking of this, you are stronger than you think you are. Strong enough to move and grow and to step into the creative thing that God is doing in your life and heart and mind and spirit. Yes, His Spirit makes you stronger than you think.

And for the times when you are not feeling all that strong – well, that is ok too.

Because strength rarely feels like strength.

You will never really be imprisoned by the thoughts of another, though some people in this world will try to imprison you there.

You do not have to be sentenced to a lifetime of self-hatred for things that were in or out of your control.

As I said, you are not out of reach.

When Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God entered Jerusalem before His crucifixion, people held up palm branches. They took them off the trees and they waved them around yelling loudly. They likely laid them out as a makeshift “sidewalk” too. Back in those days, this was all symbolic of victory.

It meant Someone won.

Oh how little did they know about how big this victory was really going to be. How much winning was going on. They had no idea what it could mean for every man, woman and child who would ever be.

Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, laid down His life and took it back up again in the most powerful, earth and cosmos-shattering event ever to have been witnessed.

And in doing so, it meant we no longer had to be defined by what we owned, or did, or made, or thought or looked like or accomplished. While these can be very fulfilling (when in balance) and enjoyable and strength-making parts of life… the Truth became told that these were not our identity. Note the capital.

Who we are became founded in Whose we are. THIS was the victory that was being ushered in that day so long ago.

And they never knew it.

He was making us more His than ever before. Death couldn’t stop Him, the grave could not hold Him, and man could not silence Him. He fought and won for us and rose victorious.

He makes you stronger than you think you are. Yes, even in your frailty.

It’s Palm Sunday this weekend. Yep. It’s that Sunday before Easter. Yep, kids and adults sing lots of songs with the word, “Hosanna” in them. Yep, attendance begins increasing for two weeks. Yep, many palm branches being waved around and they show up on bulletins and are hauled in for decorating church buildings.

Let’s see it differently this year.May this be the year that you see how personal this is, this victory… for you. May the word, ‘victory’ actually echo in your mind and heart… for you.

Loudly. Boldly. Clearly. For you.

May it come of your lips proudly because it’s only through His rescue that you can know who and Whose you are.


Like I said, you are Not out of reach.

Note the capital.

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