Mercy Hill

A small community of followers of Jesus

It seems that church should be for for the imperfect, the broken, and the sometimes barely-hanging-on. It should be for those tired of faking that we have it all together - filled with and for those hungry for grace... thirsting for transformation because they are tired of doing it on their own.

At Mercy Hill, we believe that God is doing something new and unique... scattering His church out into smaller and more intimate branches... almost roots, if you will... digging deep into the soil of Jesus (see Colossians 2).

The thing about roots is that under the surface they intertwine and anchor, grow and receive nutrient together. It's gritty, it's messy... and it's where life happens.

A healthy Christian life begins with seed, soil, water and time. This is what we're up to: a new, small and intimate community that passionately believes in authentic friendship and growth, truth and mercy... journeying alongside each other... with Jesus.

Very human and unpolished people, pastors, and presentation. We call it being, "Naturally Supernatural."

You will find friends here. You will find safety here. You will find no masks here. You will find we don't seek credibility in polish and professionalism. And our hope and prayer will always be that it's because you'll find Jesus here.


Sunday Gatherings

We meet the first three Sunday mornings at 9:30 a.m. at Innovation Pavilion, 9200 E Mineral Ave, Centennial. For fourth & fifth Sunday information click here

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